Look What Arrived!

Look what arrived today!! I'm so excited! My very first novel "Girl So Hollywood" is now available on Amazon.com. Visit my website (link in bio) to get the free prequel "Any Girl in Hollywood." I'll love you to the moon and back if you repost this or leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads! Thank you for your support!! *** Kimber Artis is living a dream life in Hollywood as the junior publicist to pop star singer Jai Lee. The only problem is being a Hollywood publicist is anything but glamorous. From her neurotic boss to arrogant media personalities and drug-addicted clients, Kimber hates the conventional grind of employment. But when she meets Ian Samuelson, she is in for the adventure of a lifetime as he introduces her to his opulent lifestyle, complete with private jets, shopping trips, swanky parties, and designer drugs. Now, Kimber finds herself entangled in this world, and she must decide if the glamorous life she’s always dreamed of is worth risking her integrity, her freedom—and even her future. #indieauthor #readthisbook #bookstagram #authorsofinstagram #kindleunlimited #newrelease #blackauthors #readingisfundamental #hollywood #womanauthor #goodreads #readinist #mustread #newbook #readmore #readinglist

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